IE 9 Users Can Now Rid Themselves Of Facebook Ticker

Posted by David Cohen on November 21st, 2011 12:10 PM




Since Facebook’s introduction of its news ticker, which is quite unpopular with many users, users of Google Chrome and Firefox have received ways to eliminate it, but Internet Explorer faithful have been left out in the cold, until now.

Pete McKenna posted details on how to remove the offending ticker from Internet Explorer 9 on his blog.

After ensuring that they are running IE9, and not an earlier version, users should:

  • Install this hack to the IE9 registry, which allows the browser to toggle the menu bar on and off via the alt key.
  • Install IE7Pro.
  • Close IE9 if it is open, and then reopen it and press the alt key, which should bring up the old menu bar.
  • Go to Tools, IE7Pro Preferences. Under Modules, unclick everything except Scripts & Plugins. Under Base Settings and Mouse Settings, unclick everything. Under Mouse Settings, unclick everything. Under URL Alias and Search, delete any entries. Under Plugins, make sure that Enable Plugins is selected. Under User Scripts, make sure Enable User Scripts is clicked. Click OK, close IE9, and reopen it.
  • If a toolbar was installed with IE7Pro, click the large X to disable it, and, when prompted, click only Grab and Drag. BHO and Preferences should not be clicked. Click Disable.
  • Go to this script and, on the right-hand side, click install. Do the same in the pop-up window.
  • Close IE9 and reopen it and, when you access Facebook, a big chat pane should appear in place of the ticker.

Readers: Have you gotten used to the ticker, or do you still want to get rid of it?