Apples IOS-5 is available for download today! 

Joe Laviano, OCRON Systems, LLC

October 21, 2011

I have been using IOS 5 for IPhone and IPad for the last 4 months and it is truly a game changer. IOS 5 has so many great new features, but the best is the new notification interface…simply unlock your IPhone and swipe down with your fingure and WHAM, an organized list of  your Text, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Calender…..all your notifications. This feature was taken from Google’s Andriod OS but Apple spiced it up with their magic! The iCloud is equally as great, no more plugging into iTunes to synch, and you can back up your device to the iCloud with the tap of the screen.

Check out the following link, it details some of the other great features of IOS 5. Be sure you back-up your device to iTunes before you download and install the new IOS 5, save yourself the heart ache of losing your precious data.

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